Our Studio

Integrated Production

We have established a professional recording area for your audio productions. In this earnest but comfortable studio, with suitable tools and techniques, you can produce your music with joy and satisfaction.

Audio Production

Audio Recording

We provide high quality recording services include: Vocal, Music Instruments, Live, and Audio FX, etc. The environment and signal chains of our recording studio are well maintained in order to capture the nuance of every performance. We have various recording hardware to complete the tasks. You can combine more choices of your best signal chain to fit your voices or instruments.

Audio Mixing

Besides equalization, dynamic control and any enhancement, in order to obtain the best mixing result, we have prepared our best to offer you: an accurate monitoring environment, reliable working system, techniques and experience. Whatever pop, rock, electronic dance music, hip-hop, acoustic or even traditional music, we can achieve the best mixes outcome to your songs.

Audio Editing

If you have some recordings are not recorded in good conditions (such as live shows, filming or interview recordings, etc.) due to noise, phase or timing issues, and if you do not have any other usable versions, then it might necessary be repaired by choosing our editing refinement services before the audio mixing process. Besides, pitch issues are carefully tuned whenever is needed.

Audio Mastering

When you have finished the mixing your songs, it is essential to finalize your songs to a standard output format by the mastering process before they are finally released. Being part of the Macau music development, we provide mastering and discs manufacturing services for exporting your albums and songs in a standard fashion (including formats for online streaming and music platforms).

Video Production

We offer video production as an option to our local clients. From pre-production of ideas and scripts, to outdoor shooting, scenic and set design, casting, post editing, color grading, animations and special effects. We offer 4K HD camcorder video recording with selectable lenses. Thanks to the professional lighting sets from Arri, Ianiro, Lowel, Kino-Flo, etc. We provide high-altitude aerial wide shooting as well.

Music Video Production

Now we provide 2 plans of MV production:

1. Plan – A (High Definition Standard MV Production) – If there is enough budget to make an MV, the only things matter are depending on the concept and quality. If you decide to produce an outstanding MV project, our agonistic team is happy to help you with a great planning of our professional HD quality video production.

2. Plan – B (Basic MV Production) – This is the ideal plan if the budget is limited. Either if you are a YouTuber, freelance singer, internet celebrity or anyone want to make a private MV, then this is your best choice! This is a plan of simple but quality MV for any online streaming.

Commercials Video Production

We also provide commercial video production to promote any of your products, image, shops, service departments, or even your ideas! With our experienced video production team, from story writing to post production, we can take care of your needs and bring them to the market with big success.

Other Services

Original Music Composing

Our company has been providing original music, soundtracks and audio effects (for productions such as movies, commercials and multimedia) to areas such as artiste management, festival event organizers, production companies, TV, radio stations, government departments, schools and websites. If you are interested in these services, we are looking forward to meeting with you and talk about your production requirements.

Publishing and Distribution

Vocanimals Music has been registered as a publisher in 2003, connected with international major labels, providing publishing and corresponding services in Macau. We welcome music creativities of Macau and neighborhood. Please feel free to let us know if you are looking for a local publisher about releasing your new album. We will try our best to help. Besides, we offer suitable promotion plans for new products to suit your needs as well.

Training and Courses

We have been cooperating with artists, hotels, government departments, schools, students and associations to carry out music related training affairs over these years. Our trainers are professional and with high-level certifications. With over 19 years in the field of practicing and training, our courses cover techniques such as different instruments playing and singing, etc. We will also run different production project technical training occasionally.

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